Hi, I’m Danielle Signor,

a web designer and blogger living in far-northern California. I'm interested in spaceflight, gemstones, poetry, geology, science fiction, unicorns and Sailor Moon. Mostly I make websites (since 1996), but I also make jewelry, and I like really old stuff.

The past tempts us, the present confuses us, and the future frightens us. And our lives slip away, moment by moment, lost in that vast, terrible in-between.

— “The Coming of Shadows”, Babylon 5

A pushcart and Maru.

What else needs to be said, really? If you haven’t seen Maru, let me lead you down a delightful rabbit-hole of cat videos.

Love that moment at 0:18 – “Little help, here?”

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

— Albert Einstein

Sifting through the sands of time.

This month marks my eighteenth year in web design. It’s hard to wrap my brain around that.

I spent some time yesterday digging through DVD backups and my external hard drive to gather examples of every layout/version of Hoshichan.com I could find. Missing three out of 31, which is surprisingly good, all things considered — I suspect version 19 was lost in the Great Crash of 2008. The other two, I’m not sure. They may yet turn up on another CDR somewhere, who knows.

It was interesting to open up the HTML files for version 1, circa May 2000. No CSS, no include files (header/footer)… no central images folder, I shudder to think what the site root must have looked like. (I did amend that by version two, but still. Eye-opening.) Not only did I have the files, but it all worked when I uploaded it! It was basic coding, to be sure, but still, I was chuffed.

Eighteen years. The internet is very different from when I started out… yet very much the same. It’s weird.

Once there was a website.

Actually, there was a website, that became a blog, that reverted to a website, that became a blog again, over the course of fourteen years. This is that website. (Somewhere on my external hard drive, I have a screencap of Hoshichan.com version 1, from 2000, that I could show you. Perhaps I’ll dig it up and do so.)

I haven’t had a true “personal blog” in six years, although I’ve been blogging since 2001. It all started here, at Hoshichan.com. This was the third domain I registered, ever. (The first was Serenitatis.com, still online.) “Hoshi-chan” (which I am lazy and don’t properly hyphenate) was one of my early nicknames/handles online — the Japanese roughly translates to “little star”, if you’re curious. I started this domain as a personal site, showcasing the few fansites I had, and a home to little pixelated dealy-boppers I found online. (Hammy-pop, anyone? No?? I wonder if I still have the hammy-pop? I should dig that up too.)
EDIT: I found it. Hammy-pop, circa 2000.

Anyway. So a year later, I added a blog, which I kept until 2008, then got rid of for… reasons. Since then, this place has really… had no place, living as a portal to my other websites online, and a central collection point for joined fanlistings and random sites. Even the random sites are gone, at this point. And lately, I’ve been wanting a personal space again, a non-niche blog, a place to just be myself, with my myriad interests. Sometimes, you just want to post random crap, longer than 140 characters, y’know?

So here we are, almost full circle, again. I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do here, but I keep thinking about it, so I thought, set up the blog and get it out of your system, and see what happens.

If you’re here reading, welcome! If you’re bored, here, watch an adorable owl taking a bath. You’re welcome.